How To Try On Clothes


Getting in and out of a dressing room without engaging in full scale warfare with either the mirror or the clothes can be a feat. Here are some easy and useful tips to make sure you get out of a dressing room with your head still attached.

Tip 1: Wear something easy to get in and out of: a simple tee, a pair of jeans, and shoes you can slip on and off. Anything that needs to be laced up or buckled is a no-go.

Tip 2: Wear a nude strapless bra. Some women recommend bringing a pair of Spanx rolled up in your purse for trying on dresses. If you are a Spanx warrior, this is a good call. That way you really know what it will look like when you’re dolled up.

Tip 3: Leave your shy side at home. Get out of your dressing room and walk in the item. You need to try it on the way you would actually wear it, and that means utilizing the mirror in the hallway of the dressing room. Different mirrors, different lights, and different angles–they all make a difference.

Tip 4: Shopping with friends? Save the big, indulgent lunch for after. No one feels good when shopping on a full stomach, and since we tend to scrutinize every little inch, a flat belly will go a long way.

Tip 5: Speaking of friends, take an honest one with you and ignore the shop girl who is trying to over inflate your ego for her own personal gain. Don’t bring your significant other. They will never say the right thing. You can play show and tell when you get home.

Tip 6: If the store carries shoes, ask for a pair and try the item on the way you would in real life. Standing on tippy toes does not count.

Tip 7: Don’t go shopping in a rush. This is not always avoidable, but spending the time to calmly asses what you think of an item will help you make an informed decision.

Tip 8: Avoid the impulse to go shopping after a boozy brunch. It can be fun, but you always end up with something you wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. Always.

Tip 9: Be gentle with yourself. Don’t think about how much better something would look on someone else. How does it look on you?

Tip 10: Wear clear deodorant. No one likes to see the chalky streaks. –Arianna Schioldager

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