DIY Floral Headpieces


Hello, flower child. Break out your inner free spirit and boast a boho-chic headpiece made with summery flowers. While most DIY blogs recommend making headpieces from fake flowers, why not clip a few fresh statement-worthy blooms to wow your friends. They look – and smell – so much more radiant.

Espe, a flower shop in Portland, recently teamed up with Yo Vintage! to lead a floral headpiece workshop. In the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, it’s easy to feel the call of nature. Every late spring, a montage of yellow and indigo wildflowers blanket the peak of Dog Mountain, like a carpet of color. It looked like the Austrian hills in The Sound of Music.

But you don’t have to be on a mountain or in the deep woods to snag a few pretty blossoms. You can go local and wander around the fairytale flora of a neighborhood plant nursery or flower shop, pick flowers that are drooping over on the public sidewalk or mosey through your backyard garden for seasonal inspiration.

So ditch the fake buds from the craft store and create your own headpiece bursting with vivid color. In just a few DIY steps, you’ll be out prancing in the sunshine.

You’ll need:

A variety of freshly picked flowers (preferably with sturdy petals and stems)
Pipe cleaners (look for neutral colors, such as white or black, which won’t contrast with the brightness of the flowers)


Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long one strand. Wrap it around the crown of your head and adjust to desired shape. Twist the remaining ends to make a closed loop.

Cut two or three pipe cleaners into 3-inch sections. You’ll use these to secure flowers to your headband. Trim the stems of your flowers, leaving 3 inches.

Take one of your pipe cleaner sections and wrap it around the stem of the flower, with the flowers facing out. Continue wrapping flowers to your headband. Alternate colors and sizes of flowers, and overlap them so your original headband doesn’t show through.

Voila, your own floral headpiece!

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