CPR for a Flatlining Love-life



The saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ might be dated, but it’s nevertheless true. The more you engage in a particular activity or expose yourself to a certain object, the less compelling you find it. Even something as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the Eiffel Tower will start to feel ordinary if you visit it enough times. If you find that you’re meeting interesting people but are going on lackluster dates, you might be experiencing ‘been-there-done-that’ syndrome. The partners might change, yes, but drinks are still drinks, no matter the person you’re sitting across from or the bar you find yourselves in. Here are some modern twists on classic dates that will actually make you excited to go on a date again:

Drinks: Wine and Canvas, 280 East Colorado Boulevard

Unless you’re a robot, a promising date should have your stomach in knots and your heart beating faster than a jackhammer. It’s no wonder drinking alcohol (moderately, of course) has become an institutionalized dating activity- there’s no better way to settle your nerves! Once they’re out of the way, sharing parts of yourself and making a genuine connection get a whole lot easier. Wine and Canvas understands this, and even facilitates this kind of interaction. For the price of $35 apiece, you get paint, canvas, brushes, easels, aprons and almost three hours of instruction and time to spend creating artistic masterpieces with your paramour. Alcohol isn’t included in the price, unfortunately, but the studio location offers moderately-priced selections and the venues these events are often hosted at usually offer drink specials. The art (and memories) you’ve created is yours to keep at the end of the night.

Movie/Show: Da Poetry Lounge, The Greenway Court Theater, 544 North Fairfax Avenue

Do people even go on dates to the movies anymore? Sitting through a mediocre two-hour flick in absolute silence, only to talk about it for fifteen minutes tops after it lets out, seems like a waste of valuable time and attention. The open-mic slam at Da Poetry Lounge, featuring poets, musicians, rappers and singers, is anything but that kind of experience. For starters, you really can’t beat the entry price of only 5 bucks a head. The show itself is often interactive, with the MC and many of the performers asking for the audience’s input. And don’t even get us started on the talent that graces that theater’s stage- the passion and energy sparked onstage is a sight to behold and is often contagious. You’ll be talking about the acts that moved you and the acts that didn’t for the rest of the night, and you might even get an insight into the way your date views the world. The show happens only once a week on Tuesdays, starts at 9PM and runs until around midnight, with an intermission between the two sets. It’s a good idea to line up outside about 45 minutes in advance, as seating is limited.

Dinner: Hipcooks, 642 Moulton Avenue Unit E21 (East) or 2833 South Robertson Boulevard (West)

For those of us born without a culinary bone in our bodies, sharing a decent meal with someone who piques our interest usually requires it to be prepared by someone with more talent than we have. Cereal just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the romance department. Hipcooks allows you an opportunity to prepare a multi-course meal from beginning to end with your date, while also adding some valuable culinary skills to your repertoire regardless of your skill level. For $65 a head, you’re given access to hands-on instruction by a master chef, fresh, organic (when available) ingredients, whichever tools and supplies will be needed, and a beautiful urban kitchen space to work in. After getting your hands dirty with your date, you’ll be able to sit down to the meal you’ve prepared with a glass of hand-picked wine. Hipcooks offers a number of classes with differing cuisines and themes. Try “A Romantic Dinner for Two,” which will be sure to keep the mood going after school lets out for the night.

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