Beyond the Selfie: Interesting Instagrams

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By now you have probably mastered Instagram for keeping up with the every move of your friends, family, and possibly coworkers. Heck you even follow some of your favorite celebs, brands, and fashion bloggers. Well we dug deeper for some interesting and unique accounts to follow because…you might as well as get the highest dose of inspiration while you are on there.


Yvan Rodic is a blogger and photographer who is on a 24/7 non-stop adventure while he travels around the world. His Instagram name comes from his penchant for snapping pics of people and their fits as opposed to say, just a tree. Meet you at the hot springs in Iceland?


This account collects adorable pictures of baby animals of course, which are a better mood stabilizer than any midday deep breath and mantra session could ever be.


Dave is a regular contributing photographer for National Geographic so sometimes you’re gonna get some photos in your feed of beautiful wild animals and sometimes some beautiful wild humans.


This account gives insider looks into some astounding home decorating, with a focus on a lot of natural woods, exposed walls, and shabby chic details. Good for any tree house fantasies you might be harboring.


This L.A. based photographer and creative director has a penchant for capturing super sexy and hip moments that successfully round the curve towards fine art.


The landscape views are great and the “typewriter series” poetry posts are even better.


This French art director has a thing for catching remarkably cool abstract and graphic shots.


This editorial and fine art photographer snaps enchanting personal pics of behind the scenes footage and world traveling work trips.


These are photos straight form the Nasa Space Flight Center in Goddard. Browse some galaxy shots to keep your perspective on life. They also add plenty of text as explanation so it’s obvious that it the Milky Way you’re looking at, not a glittery T-shirt.


Timothy Mcgurr captures all things angular in city life. Turns out you really can look at pictures of buildings over and over again and see them anew.


For the art.


Dogs dressed up doing people things.


Patricia is a filmmaker and photographer that posts photos of pretty much everything…that are pretty much everything.


Rihanna’s makeup artist? Say no more.


Pro surfers really nail the element shots. Now we’re flying, now we’re inside a wave! Plus he posts pics of Kelly Slater and his dog so pretty much covers everything. Oh follow @kellyslater too


Singer/songwriter Ed Droste shows of his photography skills and low-key rock star travels

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