Cheers! Artisan Wine and Beer Bike Racks

Booze N Cruise With A Rockin' Bicycle Wine Rack

the long and wine-ing road.

An avid cyclist who is also a connoisseur of chardonnay can now take both pursuits down the same path.  Thanks to a daring designer, adventurous oenophiles can  show off their good taste in spirits and imbibe after a bike ride, with the Bicycle Wine Rack. reads “If you like wine and you like biking, you”re going to love this. The handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to most bike frames with antique brass fasteners, while the hidden clamps hold the bottle securely. Best of all, the vegetable-tanned leather will only look better as it ages.” Wine enthusiasts can bring along their best vintage in a choice of brown, tan, or black leather.

The ride-along wine rack’s clever creator Jesse Herbert  is as intriguing as his designs and has collaborated with prolific endavors such as Cirque de Soleil, Santropol Roulant, and Rise Kombucha. In addition to being an intrepid designer, the Montreal man is also an engineer, entrepreneur, and musician. “He believes that to be a great designer , one must be a great builder and visa versa,” OopsMark reads, “…Jesse has spent his life studying how things are made and practicing the implementation of his designs.”

Each rustic wine rack sells for $34 plus shipping from (And remember when calculating shipping that the bicycle wine rack ships from our neigbors up north in Canada.)

Hand made by the Walnut Studio in Portland, Oregon, the Bike Six Pack Holder is another ingenous way to reduce your carbon footprint while carting around cocktails. This tricky little contraption was actually designed to transport polo mallets, so it can really take on a variety of cargo, too. Theese adorable ale holsters sell for $25 on Etsy. (Please remember to drink and ride responsibly.)  — Casandra Armour

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