Tips for Enhancing the Spa Experience

While a weekend (or longer) retreat can be very rejuvenating, day spas have made it possible for almost everyone to enjoy a short escape from life’s stresses.

Take these simple steps to make the most of the experience.

Identify all the day spas within a comfortable driving distance and then compare their menu of services to see which one offers what you want most. Your day might start with a relaxing yoga class, then progress to a massage or body wrap and finish with a mani-pedi. If you’re unclear about any offerings, be sure to call for further descriptions or simply to ask questions.

Before booking, mention any health considerations you have, such as allergies or skin conditions. Typically a spa will also want to know if you’re pregnant. If you’re having a massage, state whether you prefer a man or woman practitioner, and be sure to specify the type of massage you want since techniques can vary from extremely gentle to very deep.

Often, a spa will recommend that you eat only a light meal before your visit so that your digestive system isn’t working overtime while you’re trying to relax. You might want to skip or at least limit the amount of caffeine you drink in the hours before you go.

To make the day effortless and prolong the spa feeling, arrange to be dropped off and picked up if possible so that maneuvering through rush-hour traffic won’t erase your newfound feeling of tranquility.

Arrive about a half-hour before your first service to check in, put on a robe, and maybe even sip an herbal tea. And later, feel free to linger after your treatments. Some spas offer meals or snacks at a juice bar. Or maybe just enjoy leafing through a magazine in the reading room, soaking in the peace and quiet before returning to the real world.

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Source: HealthDay