Namaste'd Away Too Long

Namaste'd Away Too Long: Getting Back Into Yoga

“ohm” my god, Becky, look at her butt.

With how often I wear yoga pants, you’d think I was a master. But if a seasoned and in-touch yoga expert is a yogi, I’m merely a pitiful yog..ish.  I’ve let my practice dwindle down to such infrequency and few hurried poses that I feel entirely unenlightened and amateur at this yoga business again. I’ve been a lazy little lady and it’s going to be an up(ward-facing-dog)hill battle to begin again and renew the discipline I once had.

One of the first measures toward getting my zen back is purging the fears and challenges of a new fitness routine.

It’s incredibly stifling to feel scared about something so positive. I’m overwhelmingly worried about the investment, both in time and finances. My schedule is already pretty tight, but not inflexible (heh). I’d love to take a class or two a week to get me motivated and loosen up under the guidance of a professional until I feel back in tune with the postures. I’m conveniently located directly between two studios and I can wrench some spare time into my work routine. But what if I sign up and pay for expensive classes but fall into a rut again? I don’t have that kind of money to burn.

One studio offers a nice deal for new students, but then their rate for one month’s unlimited classes more than triples. One month of yoga would actually cost the same as one month of my car insurance. No bueno. The other has slightly more economical packages, but most importantly offers five-dollar cash classes three times a week. Pro tip: a lot of studios offer a “pay what you will” class or two a week, and in more major metropolitan areas those can often be found in community parks as well.  Instead of buying a pricey chunk of classes, I’ll attend $5 classes when I can.

I’m afraid I’ll be awkward and sluggish. What if I can’t keep up? I know I’ll get better but it’s intimidating to accept that at first I’ll have to make the class and instructor suffer along with me being a little rusty. But I’m sure I’m not the first and won’t be the last.

We all have to start somewhere.

What’s holding you back from positive changes to your health and wellness? Which steps are you taking to try to make your fitness goals happen? I’ll let you  know how my first class goes, let me know where your ambitions lead you too. Casandra Armour


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