How To Use Pinterest For Clean Meal Planning


not nearly as bad as it looks.

We are huge fans of Pinterest and it seems like most of our friends (and the rest of the world) are as well. On any given day we’ll spot them pinning away endless possibilities: Ideas for parties, fashion inspiration, or recipes for rainy days.

We also notice that a lot of our friends never end up doing any of the projects they’ve pinned. We are totally guilty of this ourselves.

Which is why we took on a personal Pinterest challenge to see if we could really make use of the things we were aimlessly pinning to our boards, and guess what? It totally worked!

With the beginning of a new year giving us the opportunity to start fresh, it’s pretty common for diet to be one of the largest new year’s resolutions. But we all know how easy it is to break that resolution by February. Seriously, how is it already Feb.?

So, we decided to start meal planning by using a site that we really love. It has worked wonders so far, and has given us the chance to try some really awesome new recipes.

It’s pretty simple. Start by creating a board specifically for your clean eating purposes. Do not, I repeat, do NOT use this board to mindlessly pin random things. We need to stay focused people!

Try and choose recipes that have similar ingredients, which will help make sure you use all of the things you are buying from the grocery store. For example, find recipes that use similar herbs and spices (especially ones that call for fresh herbs!) which will help reduce waste and costs. Similar veggies help as well.

Choose a total of three meals for the week, and eat left overs after each one. This will also help increase the chances of you cooking for yourself instead of hitting up the take out menu and its mindless calories. Plus, cooking three times instead of six, is a major plus! Do the math, that leaves you with one free day to do whatever you want.

We’ve done this for the past month, and we’ve never felt better.

Try it out, and let us know what you’ve pinned! Good luck, and happy eating!–Sasha Huff

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