Don’t Get Fat This Holiday Season: A Guide

don't let your chariot turn into a pumpkin, pie.

don’t let your chariot turn into a pumpkin, pie.

Now that Halloween is over, the holiday season is officially upon us, and your calendar is surely filling up with cookie-decorating get-togethers, office shindigs, and ugly sweater parties. Though it’s easy to rationalize that extra snickerdoodle with the age-old “calories don’t count during the holidays” saying, it’s a dangerous mindset that will leave you squeezing into your baggy boyfriend jeans come January 1st.

While working the party circuit this season, keep the extra LB’s at bay with some super simple “don’t get fat” tips. No treadmill necessary.

Pregame on proteins

We are all guilty of it: You’re out shopping for presents all day, trying to kill multiple birds with one stone. You had a Pumpkin Spice Latte about four hours ago, and now your blood sugar is steadily dropping into raging witch territory. But you’re due at your office holiday party in thirty minutes and need to put your face on. By the time you get to the soiree, lightheadedness has taken over and you’ve noticed your dress is starting to feel loose. In a fit of hunger, you devour a block of brie, an entire baguette, and half the charcuterie plate.

Change this unsightly fate with some prior planning. About a half hour before the party, sample a few proteins—a handful of almonds, a hardboiled egg, a few pieces of turkey jerky or some veggies and hummus. A pregame snack with allow you to fill-up and focus more on mingling and less on stuffing your face. Which brings us to the next tip…

Work the room

Setting up camp next to the hors d’oeuvres table is a no-fail way to overeat. You might as well pull-up a chair and fork-and-knife the canapés. Keep chatting, dancing and introducing yourself to other party-goers, and save yourself from ODing on Marcona almonds.

Perrier is your new best friend

This trick is not just for the holiday season—you can pretty much use it at any wedding, party, bridal shower, or other time you want to cut some calories and not get too hammered. After you’ve finished your first glass of champagne, alternate with a glass of sparkling water or club soda. Not only will your liver thank you, the bubbles add a little fizz to your belly, making your feel full faster.

Say “no” to eggnog

Just don’t drink it. Period.

Take a cue from Cinderella and check out at midnight.

Nothing positive happens after midnight. First of all, it’s never good etiquette to be the last one standing at a party. If your hostess is walking around with a trash bag while you’re conducting an archeological dig of what’s left of the cheese plate, it’s time to throw in the napkin and bid the one dude left adieu.

Stay past midnight and you’ll continue to drink your calories. The next thing you know, pizza, tacos, bacon-wrapped hotdogs, or even a Jack-In-The-Box Munchie Meal start to sound like really good decisions. Hell, you’ll even justify your late-night binging as the only way to keep a hangover at bay.

Do yourself a favor, politely say your goodbyes around midnight, and you’ll be up by 9am, rested and ready for a morning run.

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