Dark Chocolate Bliss – Healthy Alternatives To A Chocolate Bar


After experiencing a difficult two years, I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be better. And instead of waiting for it to be better, I’ve taken the initiative to MAKE it better (whether it wants to be better or not). Part of that is losing the extra weight I’ve put on and getting back to living an overall healthy lifestyle. The days of baking cupcakes two to three times per week are over, but the days of finding healthy alternatives for my sweet tooth have just begun.

The good news is, for anyone just beginning this journey, I can vouch for the fact that you really can change your eating habits pretty quickly. They say you can change a habit in two weeks, and I truly find myself craving healthy options over unhealthy options the majority of the time now. It’s kind of a miracle.

Since I love sharing recipes I’ve tried and loved, let me introduce you to some alternatives to that candy bar you may have just purchased from the vending machine. Healthy chocolate recipes that will not only satisfy that craving, but will also keep your tummy happy and sans stomach ache.

First up, my latest obsession, these no-flour, black bean brownies by Chocolate Covered Katie. I know, the first thing you just said to yourself is “black beans in my brownies? NO WAY MAN,” but I am here to tell you, as a true baked goods fan, that these are delicious. And not just like, healthy but kind of taste delicious. I mean like fudgey, chocolatey, decadent delicious. Make them. You will thank me later.

Next is another favorite in my household: peanut butter chocolate fudge. This recipe  has only 5 ingredients, all natural, and all the flavor you could ask for in fudge. If you want to get fancy with it, add some peanuts to the top.

A healthy chocolate milkshake alternative– I make this nearly every day. A handful of spinach, a cup of chocolate almond milk, one banana, and a handful of strawberries. Blend them all together, and enjoy a treat that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients your body will love.

What kind of ways to you bring healthy treats to the menu?

-Sasha Huff

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