ComfyBreasts Pillow Is a Real Thing

ComfyBreasts Pillow Is a Real Thing

catch some Zzz’s without smashing your D’s.

Now, you can get your best night’s rest without uncomfortably compressing your breasts. That’s right, an enterprising inventor has come up with the practical, but kind of hilarious, Comfy Breasts™ pillow to keep your humps from being a hassle when lying on your stomach. A soft sort of elongated body pillow, Comfy Breasts™ has a rectangular cut-out in the bust region to allow your assets their own space without crushing them under your body weight against the mattress.

A certain, ahem, small cross-section of us flat out didn’t know that this is a burden that needed addressing. explains, “Large-breasted women can feel like total boobs trying to lie down comfortably for a massage or chiropractic treatment, or just trying to enjoy a bit of sun at the beach. In addition to a lot of pressure on sensitive body tissue, it can also be like trying to be comfortable with your head hanging off a cliff. It sounds kind of funny, but it is serious business.”

The accessory has also been suggested to ease the discomfort of women (or men) recovering from breast cancer procedures such as a biopsy or mastectomy, and as an aid to breast-feeding mothers. More casual suggested uses include a chest-friendly day at the beach or a voluptuousness-relieving visit to the spa for a treatment. The plush product is available in four different sizes, based on the measurement across the breasts, and comes with a zip off cover for easy machine wash.

There is also apparently Comfy Breasts™ for men variation in the works with convenient cut-out to cushion male genitals that may need extra room or have to be treated delicately after prostate procedures or a vasectomy, for example. No word on if multiple sizes are an option for the potent gentleman whose manhood literally gets in the way of a his comfort.

Check out the ComfyBreasts Kickstarter (which surpassed its $2,500 goal by two-hundred dollars) for the full story. Would a Comfy Breasts™ pillow help you to sleep easier and alleviate breast stress, or is this gimmick a boneheaded booby-trap?  Casandra Armour

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