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Meryl (left) and Danielle (right) urging you to STOP in the name of Supper.

Meryl (left) and Danielle (right) urging you to STOP in the name of Supper.

They love Girls, 80’s music, and Pinterest (yep, just like the rest of us), but the bulk of their days are spent committed to transforming lives for the better, driven by a love of people and a sense of servitude.

They are the founders behind The Supper Society, a L.A. based gourmet culinary wellness company (say it fives times fast) where everything is handmade, customized, and healthy.

Spoiler: they weren’t always healthy eaters, and they might have us convinced that music and good clean food can save the soul.

The Supper Society specializes in building organic, local meals for clients, as well as handcrafting cleanses that consist of not only fresh-pressed juices, but also beautiful smoothies, salads, soups and cleansing entrees. The duo consists of Danielle Larson, a classically trained natural foods chef that studied at Bauman College in Santa Cruz, and Meryl Pritchard, a certified holistic health coach that studied at Integrative Nutrition in New York. Together they make sure everything tastes amazing while maintaining the highest nutritional benefits possible, ever committed to the quality of ingredients and the well being of their clients.
The Glow Kit Offer for Lady Clever Readers.
The Glow Kit Offer for
Lady Clever Readers.

And to show Lady Clever Reader’s just how committed they are, they are offering 25% (!!) off their newly launched Glow Kit cleanse (see below for details), perfect for those looking to shed that winter skin and weight. Even for those not looking for a traditional cleanse or detox, Super Society promises: one taste and you will never look at healthy the same again.

What is the Supper Society?

The Supper Society is an artisanal culinary wellness company.

How did The Supper Society get its wings?

Initially, Supper Society was born of a courageous leap of faith with an underlying intention of doing a lot of good for people. It has taken flight through word of mouth, which has been a big blessing. Additionally, Soho House picked us up for an event pretty immediately, and after that the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

Our clients are so kind to us… we are blessed to be feeding such sweet people who constantly tell their friends about us, and keep spreading the love. We have never paid for advertising.

What sets you apart from other juice/cleanse companies?

Our food, smoothies, and juice all taste amazing. No kidding. (ed. note: see photos below).
They are something you are going to want to have every day, not just during the cleanse, which makes it easier to maintain as a lifestyle. We are also a small business, so everything is handmade, very customized and special. We pay attention to detail, and we put a lot of love into each product we make. Some of the bigger companies out there just sell cleanses as a means of making money, and while money is important to any business, a lot of these companies don’t care about the integrity of what they are doing. That’s not the case for us. We care so much about quality of ingredients, taste, health and creativity. We are really in the business of helping transform people’s lives for the better, and a love of people and servitude is what drives us.

For the wary/those nervous to try a cleanse, what kind of transformation can they expect?

Well the good thing about our cleanse is that everything tastes good, indeed probably far better than the food most people are accustomed to eating. No one should be nervous when coming to us; we make it our goal to guide people by the hand with yummy food that happens to be incredibly good for you.

Most can expect to lose 5-10 lbs, depending on one’s unique body and how long they cleanse for. On the Glow Kit cleanse, people often lose more weight, because it lasts longer, and can be turned into a diet plan by adding extra protein to dinner in the evenings.

The foods we use are incredible for the skin- helping people achieve that natural “glow,” and higher energy levels because the food is made to be easily digestible. That gives your body more energy to focus on healing itself. The digestive process can use up to 80% of your total energy, so take that away and imagine the possibilities! When cleansing you don’t just clear your body, you clear your mind and that results in making better decisions.

Any tips for post cleanse eating? How do you stay on track?

The best tip for everyone is to understand that there is no miracle or fast fix to losing weight and getting healthy. It takes time and needs to become part of your lifestyle. The easiest way to transition is by adding in healthy things you like first, before removing things from your diet. That way you won’t feel deprived and binge. Also, living an 80/20 lifestyle helps: eat 80% healthy and make the best choices you can 80% of the time; then indulge 20% of the time. It’s all about balance, seeing the big picture, enjoying yourself and being good to yourself– and then understanding that being good to yourself happens on various levels, including eating food that is not only healthy, but that is also pleasurable and enjoyable for you.

Were you always healthy eaters? What made you make the switch?

No, we both had different journeys that led us down this path. We are both foodies who love enjoying ourselves. If we can make the switch, anyone can.

What’s new for Supper Society in 2013?

We just launched our Glow Kit, which is what we’re really excited about right now because we’re getting great feedback from people across the country who have done it. We’re working on making Supper Society available to more people in more convenient, accessible ways. That’s about all we can tell you right now…

Left: The Spring Cleanse, Local LA Delivery Only  Right: The Glow Kit, Delivery Nationwide

The Glow Kit Offer for Lady Clever Readers.
The Glow Kit Offer for
Lady Clever Readers.

Newly launched GLOW KIT:  ships nationwide, and contains all of the non-perishables for a 14-day cleanse, along with a cleanse + diet meal plan and simple, delicious recipes for your meals. Mention Lady Clever on checkout and receive 25% off your order. Spring never glowed so brightly.

How do you unwind after a long day?

We thrive on music. That is our ultimate unwind throughout the day. We just discovered an amazing app called Songza, and we listen to it in the kitchen, while we cook, and every time we drive. In the evenings, we unwind with more music, wine, good films, good books, Pinterest, live shows, yoga, and sleep. Sometimes, we’ll even have whiskey. That’s right. We are all about balance, like we said. It all depends on the day.

Favorite song to dance to when stressed?

Right now we love Icona Pop’s “I Don’t Care.” We both first heard that song featured in an episode of Girls (obsessed), and it’s a great way for us to blow off steam. In general though, we love the “handclapping and footstomping” mix on Songza. We love 80’s music, rock n’ roll, bluegrass, jazz and all of the classic legends. –Arianna Schioldager


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