Best Workout Clothes for Those New Year's Resolutions

fit and fancy.

fit and fancy.

If you’ve been lacking a bit on the gym motivation lately (the cold! the cookies! the Christmas!) maybe it’s as simple as switching up your clothes. We like our clothes to make us feel good (and look good) the rest of the day and the gym shouldn’t be any different. The best workout clothes will be well fitting in any position, sweat worthy, and look flattering.

If you’re still out running in your cotton novelty T-shirts, make a swap for an Under Armour shirt that wears like a casual T but wicks the sweat away instead of drowning you in it $24.99

Lose a layer by wearing a tank with a built in bra like this one from Lucy. The figure flattering color blocking panels don’t hurt that bod either. $39.99

Stock up on basics from Forever 21 when you’re in the mood for some fun details like this lace back sports bra. $13.80

For extra coverage and support, try the sports bras from Moving Comfort with sizes that go up to E cups and range from around $25-55

Finding a good pair of workout pants is often searching for the lesser of evils…as far as how see through they might be when you bend and twist. Trust your backside to this very opaque pair from Yogasmoga.

Or, if you’re still into them, Lululemon’s new thicker fabric pants the “Full-on Luon”

Get a hoodie that you can actually move in like this one from Nike with a light construction, sweat wicking material, thumb hooks to keep your hands warm on the go, and reflective details to keep to safe on the road. $80

Put your socks to work for you with these pairs from New Balance that offer arch support, heel stability, and mesh panels for breathing. (Now if only you can find a date that does all that.) $15.99 for six pairs

For your runs try this pair of shorts from Nike that have an extra wide waistband to flatter your body and stay in place while you move. $50


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