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Food plays an important role in our lives: besides the obvious function of providing our bodies with nutrients and energy, the foods we choose to eat can help stave off aging, provide numerous beauty benefits, and even enhance one’s sexual desire and performance. Aphrodisiac foods are currently all the rage and are the perfect way to add some flavor to your dishes (and a bit of flavor to dessert, too, if ya catch our drift *wink*)! Try out the foods below – they can be eaten on their own or added to dishes to enhance flavor and potency.

Supposedly, Casanova, the eighteenth-century lover of renown. would feast on fifty of these bad boys daily for breakfast. These friendly little molluscs are high in zinc and have earned themselves quite the reputation in the areas of love and fertility. Researchers have found that oysters have amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones, increasing one’s sexual desire, libido and performance. In order for them to be most effective, consume them raw and in the spring time, when shellfish are said to possess their highest aphrodisiac quality levels. You can get oysters at sushi restaurants where, if you’re feeling extra brave, they serve up Japanese-style oyster shooters that are mixed in with quail eggs, wasabi, ginger and sake.

Chili Peppers
These will spice up your love life, literally. Chili peppers work by encouraging the release of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that cause you to feel good, along with increasing your heart rate and stimulating your sweat glands – simulating the way one’s body acts when aroused. Not just good for your insides, chili peppers are also said to have various beauty benefits, from plumping up your lips to enhancing your natural flush and raising your body temperature. Add chili peppers to your next meal by mixing them in with rice, serving with sauce, or simply sprinkling crushed peppers on top of anything from fish to chocolate to ice cream. Tip: if you can’t handle extreme spice, make sure to remove the veins from the peppers before cooking them.

Knowledge of this fruit’s aphrodisiac qualities go all the way back to the Aztecs, who consumed the avocado in order to enhance sexual desirability. It is often referred to as the “chocolate of fruit”, and its high levels of vitamin E are said to help increase energy levels and maintain one’s youthfulness, which certainly can’t hurt when it comes to romance and seduction. Whip up a fresh bowl of homemade guacamole, add a few slices onto your salad, or remove the pit and fill with tuna salad for a refreshing and healthy snack.

Why are we not surprised? Chocolate is said to increase dopamine levels, which induce feelings of pleasure (this also explains why we ladies crave it so much during that particular time of the month). There are so many ways you can add this into your food, whether it’s a chocolate sauce for your chicken or a rich dessert. For the ultimate “feel good” combo, consume a few squares of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine (it’s good for your heart too!)

This power fruit contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that triggers the production of testosterone, not to mention that the natural potassium levels and Vitamin B help elevate your energy levels. You can add some sliced bananas to your ice cream sundae or mix some into your morning smoothie for a healthy kick. Or, if you want to get extra creative and incorporate several ingredients on the list, you can even dip a banana in chocolate sauce for the ultimate treat. Trader Joe’s sells delicious chocolate-covered frozen bananas as well.

Also known as “nature’s little blue pill,” blueberries work by increasing one’s circulation and mental agility and are often recommended to older men with erectile problems. Mix these into your salad or smoothie, or just reach for a handful and eat on their own (you can add a side of whip cream if you want to make it more fun!)

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