#Rich Desserts of Instagram

stacks on stacks.

stacks on stacks.

Perusing the image feed on #RichKidsof Instagram, it’s always a bit of the same luxurious beast: fancy cars, Hermès bracelets, Chanel bags, vacations in Monaco and St. Croix, and let’s not forget – Dom Pérignon. Lots of it. But one thing we don’t see on there too often is dessert. (Because rich kids don’t eat anything but lobster and pain pills, obvs.)

Sure, you see the occasional hotel room service bill or a picture of some elaborate cake for someone’s birthday, but we’re talking lavish, ridiculous, over-the-top desserts that cost the equivalent of mortgage on a house. Not possible you say? Well, here’s a list of some of the most decadent and expensive desserts in the entire world from 2013.

And it certainly answers this question: what would the Rich Kids of Instagram eat?

Costly Ice Cream – Served at Three Twins Ice Cream Parlor in Napa, California, there is a $60,000 sundae on the menu. But the ice cream isn’t all you get. In addition to your dazzling sundae, the buyer also gets a trip to Africa! The package deal consists of a first-class ticket to Tanzania, lodging, a tour, and the owner of the ice cream parlor will personally churn your ice cream for you at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. So maybe it is actually a pretty good deal after all?

Hefty Hot Chocolate – New York dessert tourist pit stop, Serendipity offers a hot chocolate ice cream sundae at a generous price tag of $25,000. The sundae combines 28 different types of cocoa (and half of that amount are the priciest cocoas in the world). The sundae is then dusted with edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet also made out of edible gold, topped off with a gold, diamond-encrusted spoon. But what we really want to know is: do we get to keep the spoon?

Million-Dollar Strawberry – If you go to Arnaud’s in New Orleans and are having a berry fixation, all you have to do is cough up $1.4 million and this lavish dessert can be all yours. Strawberries are marinated in port wine and served with mint and cream, along with a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring. At that price, we’re assuming you get to keep the ring.

Pricy Cupcake – If you find yourself in Dubai, feel free to stop into Bloomsbury Cupcakes to try their signature cupcake that costs $1,000. It is served on a Villari 24-karat gold cake stand and is covered in edible gold and chocolate, in addition to being made of the best vanilla beans in Uganda.

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