When Your Panties Are Empowering


Somewhere, Hugo Boss is steaming.


Dear Vagina,

Why so blue?

Is it because you get paid less than men? Is it because you feel the sting of the gender gap every time you set foot into the office? Or maybe it’s because you WANT IT ALL, and you just can’t have it.

No. No. None of these things are right.

It’s because you’ve been wearing the wrong underwear this WHOLE time, and you never even knew it. Luckily, you can get into #BOSS mode, with Naja’s new limited edition “BOSS” panty. And take the world by storm.

Because vagina, you’re the boss. Not Tony Danza. Don’t believe us?

According to Naja, their lingerie is “taking yet another stride to elevate women everywhere! Empowering women who are ambitious in the workplace, confident in the classroom or a boss in the bedroom, Naja makes you feel in control”

Why did we pay for higher education?

“Out with the stigma of strong women being labeled as ‘Bossy’ and in with encouraging ‘women to raise their hands at work, demand recognition for their accomplishments and ultimately make strides in closing the pay and leadership gap between men and women in the workplace.'”

They took that line from a Huffington Post article and didn’t credit it. But WHO cares? These panties are empowering!

Out with boring old cotton undies. Out with underwear that makes you feel like a c**t. In with the underwear that helps you succeed.

Speaking of, we should probably get a pair to Hillary Clinton. They won’t be calling her Grandma Hillary once she gets her gams through these glass ceiling breakers.

The black cotton BOSS panties come with: a gold chain detail “to make any woman feel like the Boss!”, a quote printed inside that reads, Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, and the guarantee that panties will empower you.

This is what we’ve been waiting for, vagina. Motivational words in our crotch. AND hashtags.

We always thought it would be so much easier to get through the day with the Facebook logo resting against our most private parts.

They say privacy is dead, right? SO TRUE!



Oh, and, they’re only $16.

Who knew empowerment was so cheap?

Love your BFF,


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