The Shirt Dress: Hot or Not?


Shopping. We all do it. Some of us love it more than others. And many of us won’t even step foot into a mall so we do most of our shopping online.

I’m somewhere in the middle.

However, online window shopping has been a bit of a hobby of mine, and while I was browsing the copious amounts of online boutiques for the perfect summer maxi dress, I noticed a trend that I hadn’t realized was happening: the Button Down Shirt dress.

I remember back in the day, when shopping for back-to-school clothes at Express was my favorite time of year and my mother was kind enough to invest in a collared blue t-shirt dress for me. I loved the conservative “tennis club” look of it, which was very outside my personality and what made it seem so fun. Paired with some white shell toe ADIDAS and I was ready to trick all the boys into thinking I was a nice preppy girl. Seeing it pop back up on so many websites made me nostalgic for my younger days, but I’m curious what you guys think of the trend.

Now, one thing to realize is that the shirt dresses I am seeing are no longer just your classic Ralph Lauren tennis dresses. These are much cooler, and look more like your boyfriend’s button down, but made for a woman’s body and covers your underparts and pants.

Let me take you to Forever 21’s website to give you an idea.

High Low Denim Shirt Dress

Polka Dot Shirt Dress

Cut Out Shirt Dress

There is something about the casualness of the button down combined with the sexiness of a mini dress that makes me want to own 12 of these for summer.

What do you guys think about this style? Yay or nay? Would you climb the corporate ladder in it?

-Sasha Huff


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