Still Hanging Around on Hips: Boyfriend Jeans

We all like to be comfortable right? We do. This is the best explanation for why you stayed with that ex-boyfriend for way too long and why anyone would ever go shopping in their pajamas. Neither of those is a great look.

Fortunately, there are comfortable things in life that are a wonderful look– boyfriend jeans, namely, ranking at the top of our list. In fact, this trend has been been hanging around so long, we’re going to have to start it the ex.  If you somehow aren’t familiar, the concept behind these pants is not that they’re actually like any denim that you might steal from your man’s closet, but inspired by their fit being slightly oversized in the shape.

Oversized…but still specifically fit to a woman’s body– whether they have a higher waistband or a low-slung hip fit. They are usually rolled up at the ankles so it’s a perfect way to show off your kicks collection and make easy transitions from day to night with a simple swap from Converse or slides to some classic pumps.


The right fitting pair will be the perfect counterpart for a fitted tank but will not be overwhelmed by a baggy sweater, which is a key consideration for fall.

Keep your boyfriend jeans young and hip with some shredding like with this slightly relaxed pair from Nasty Gal for $152

This pair from ASOS have a little more wiggle room in the legs but still won’t go falling off your hips. $41.35

Go for a clean dark rinse that can even fit into your work wardrobe with these Levi’s for $88

Hit up H&M for some major denim distressing for a price less than your happy bill last night $39.95

Yes there’s a modern way to wear white jeans! This One Teaspoon destroyed pair from Free People doesn’t look dated in the slightest $99.95

If you really want to dress those babies up, go for a solid black pair with some embellishment like this pair from J Brand for $179

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