Root for the Boot: Bootwear for 2014

chloe makes us happy.

chloe makes us happy.

While Christmas is long over (sigh), the same can’t quite be said for winter. With most of the entire country experiencing a deep freeze à la Gotham City in Batman and Robin, winter ain’t going nowhere soon. Not if the polar vortex has anything to say about it, at least. Whether you were showered with gifts from admirers this past holiday season or had to be your own Santa Claus, we hope you got some cool threads to debut this year. There’s nothing better to go with that gear, in our opinion, than a pair of boots! Think about it: what’s super-versatile, transitions from day to night seamlessly, and keeps your feet feeling nice and toasty? If you answered “ankle boot,” congratulations! You’re absolutely right, and you get a B (for “boot,” of course).

Let’s break down the three major different options you have this season:

The Over-the-knee (OTK): Ending above the knee, this boot fits like a glove for your leg and is perfect for creating the illusion of height and length. The best thing about this boot is that it’s very versatile- it can be worn with leggings, jeans, or a skirt, and is appropriate for both the day and the evening. We’re fans of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ora Over-The-Knee Boot.

The Knee-High: This baby comes to rest just under the knee, so it’s a little more modest than its lengthier cousin. These boots are perfect to match with knee-length dresses, skirts and coats for a streamlined look. Be careful pairing this boot with denim, because for some reason it can cut your leg and make you look shorter. Solve that particular problem by choosing a denim in a skinny cut that’s darker than the boot. Also, refrain from pairing this boot with a midi skirt, or else you will look the definition of dowdy.  Because boots cut in this length abound, you have lots of options to choose from. You can go with something a bit edgier, like this Kathryn Amberleigh High Combat Boot, or you can choose something a little more classic, like this Pour La Victoire Shae Leather Knee Boot.

The Ankle: Ah, a boot after our own heart, even though it only barely reaches past the ankle. A must-have for any closet, the ankle boot gives you height and silhouette without the hassle the OTK and the knee-high can sometimes cause. It’s also appropriate to wear with just about anything, anywhere, and anytime. Let’s say you’re feeling pretty cazh: no problem, pair the Chloé Leather Chelsea Boot with a mini-skirt and an oversized sweater for a comfortable, sexy grunge-chic look. Or, if you have an after-work function to attend but can’t make it home for a change of wardrobe and don’t feel like lugging around an extra pair of heels, never fear! Just throw on these TopShop All Mine Metal Trim Boots before you head to work, grab a quilted leather jacket or fitted blazer and voila! Instant evening-appropriate ensemble.

The best thing about boots? They’re always en vogue, so you can wear them all year round. So don’t let that pesky groundhog’s shadow scare you into thinking that you can’t just because spring is approaching. Of all the things you need that start with the letter “B” (booze and boys included), a good pair of boots should definitely be at the top of your list.

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