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fancy fishtail ponytail braids.

Some things are just so…over. If you’ve had enough of mason jars, nail art, chalk, old wine corks and ombre everything, so have we. But in the world of DIY, when one trend goes out, another takes its place. And luckily there are enough bloggers and Pinterest pinners who are creative enough to tweak ordinary things around the home into crafty works of art. Here’s a roundup of a few fresh ideas for your hair and new jewelry.

Ponytail Braids

Okay, so these aren’t new, necessarily, but every once in a while someone gives a really good tutorial on how to pull lots of long hair into a quick, no-fuss up-do. Right now, the mom on Cute Girls Hairstyles has us hooked on her step-by-step hairdos for her daughters. Try weaving a waterfall braid, a French twist into rope braid or a super chunky stacked braid. If you’re more in the mood for a more sophisticated, grownup look, Luxy Hair features tutorials for when you’re running late to work, a fishtail up-do and a Princess Jasmine headband trick for sweeping long hair out of the way. And if those aren’t enough ideas, check out Buzzfeed’s aggregation of a cinched ponytail and a polished look inspired by Blair Waldorf.

Jewelry: Industrial Punk and Paper Bracelets

You can also upcycle old or vintage things around your home into industrial-inspired jewelry. Our favorites include fork rings, a Chevron bracelet made from hardware nuts, sculptural origami paper bracelets and a spike rope bracelet. Check out the list of tutorials here.


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