8 Pairs of Tights for Under $25

tightsIt’s amazing to think that I wore tights so much as a kid. When I look back, they were always extremely frustrating to get on straight, they always seemed to have a toe seam ruining the comfort of my foot, and on more than one occasion the back-end of my skirt found itself tucked into their top. My mom frequently reminds me that there was a moment when I put my foot down and flat-out refused to wear hair bows, and I think I left tights behind around the same time.

If you’re anything like me and quit them for a number of years, this is our call to action, because tights are the perfect fall accessory and I’m sure we’re much more talented at putting them on correctly these days. Maybe.

Tights multitask by giving you the functional element of warmth for the cooler days and the fun element of style all at the same time. When you wear extra layers in the winter and endlessly repeat basic items like a jacket, it can feel like you’re just repeating the same outfit day after day. (No matter how much you love that jacket.) Warmth stays up, but your excitement not so much. Perk up your accessorizing options by mixing in tights with skirts, dresses and even shorts. Get a chic look with basic solids or test-drive some patterns and styles you wouldn’t normally opt for outside of your underwear collection.

These black tights from H&M give the illusion of thigh highs and a garter belt but without all the moving bells and whistles. $9.95. Perfect for a night out.

If you’re looking for a fun way to add a little winter floral to your wardrobe, try the red rose and black tights from Forever 21 for $7.80. They look great with an LBD.

The Gipsy Bondage Tights from Asos for $17.80 add a little sass with bold lines that could go for a night or day look.

When you’re feeling bold and colorful slip on a vibrant solid colored pair with a contrasting skirt and make color-blocking magic. Nordstrom has them for $15

If you want to add some color to your legs but not go over the top with it, TopShop has a dip dyed pair that starts with blue feet and goes black on the way up. $16

Embrace your desire for fall coziness with a black cable knit tight from the Gap for $14.95

A safe way to test drive the polka dot trend is with these multicolored tights from Modcloth for $19.99

Add some visual interest to those legs with a clean argyle print pair of tights from Anthropologie for $24


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