So Pasted: Mansplaining, Music, and Marvel


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Ima Let You Finish: If you’ve been cut off, condescended to, or quieted by a male mid-conversation, mansplaining isn’t news. But if you feel like getting twitchy with it and loading up on some ammo about the issue, head over to Bitch Media where they’ve compiled a collection of seven, count em– seven, studies regarding real world instances where mansplaining is a legitimate communication issue between the genders. From the doctor’s office to Twitter, it’s surprising how the concept of  non-chalantly choking females’ voices can reach.

Hammer Time: Comic book giant Marvel made headlines this week by announcing on The View that Avenger and legacy character Thor will be gender-swapped starting this fall. “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is Thor,” writer Jason Aaron tweeted, while editor Will Moss asserted, “It’s not about filling a certain quota.”  Elle magazine cheered on the bold move, writing “…here’s hoping for not just a female Thor, but a Hispanic Captain America, a black Wonder Woman, a transgender Batman, and why not, while we’re at it, a female Dr. Who. Everybody needs heroes, and if you have the power to control the weather, it doesn’t seem like it should be that big a deal to also have the power to change with the times. ” Meanwhile, the dicks in charge at DC Comics should take this as a clue to finally get with the times and jumpstart a Wonder Woman film franchise. 

Sketchy Rape Anthem Turned Schoolhouse Rock: Don’t call it a comeback. The wonderfully wacky parody prince Weird Al Yankovic just flat out made the world a better place this week, with a fresh spin on all of most timely top 40 ear worms, from Pharrell Williams to Iggy Azalea. But none of the most infectuous tunes needed swabbed so badly as Robin Thicke’s rapey romp “Blurred Lines.” Weird Al gave it quite the treatment, keeping the funky Marvin Gaye beat and stitching in some hilarious, and useful, lessons on grammar and langauge for the digital era. C “Word Crimes” 4 urself on Pitchfork.

It Starts in Your Soul: ‘Bubbly’ pop star Colbie Caillat scrubbed up and set out to tackle the concept of real beauty versus the pressure to be Photoshop-pretty in the new video for her single “Try” this week.  Women24 wrote that the video “features many women of all different body types and ages, including Colbie herself. All are wearing make-up to start with, but as the song progresses the make-up is removed.” The song’s refrain “you don’t have try so hard” resonates as as the video’s stars strip off their makeup to reveal how lovely they are unadorned.

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