So Pasted: All Adventurous Women Do and So On


WELCOME to So Pasted,’s weekly roundup of the raddest ish from around the web.

Cunning Linguist: Are subtle verbal clues betraying your calm, cool demeanor? Diminish lingering giveaways of self-doubt with these tips from Slate. “Insecurity has several linguistic calling cards,” Slate explains, “and learning to spot them may help you both assuage others and more skillfully present your self to the world.” Check out their tip for “getting the insecurity out of your words—and maybe picking up some confidence in the process.”

 Power Walk With Me: If you’d rather spend your workout wear budget with an endeavor more worthwhile than those sourpusses at Lululemon, The Mary Sue says that  David Lynch (yes, David Lynch, the film director) has got an outfit for you. Lynch teamed up with Live The Process clothing for subtle floral set in Eraserhead greyscale and pale blue tones.  A portion of the line’s proceeds will benefit the victims of abuse. Here’s hoping his next fashion collab comes in Blue Velvet, mommy.

 The Devil and Christian Grey Wear Prada: The 50 Shades of Grey trailer debut might have had all the lustiest ladies clutching their pearls this week, but if you’re really into CEO S&M and humiliation, consider instead the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada. The Cut hilariously concludes (complete with GIFs) that at their core, both films are basically the same tale of domineering executives as brash, power-tripping babes whipping their mousy subs into shape. But Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway make a way hotter couple. Sorry I’m not sorry, Jamie Dornan. See also: Secretary. 

All Adventurous Women Do: The scientifically inaccurate and misogynistic SCOTUS ruling that employers with religious objections to birth control can deny coverage has sparked endless (and infuriating) debate, but with a wave of her magic voice-of-a-generation wand, Lena Dunham’s trying to help us all turn this patriarchal pumpkin into a carriage for healthcare freedom. “I need birth control because I have endometriosis and it helps manage pain. Why do you?,” she asked her Twitter followers. The Frisky shares her tweeps’ fantastic responses, from menstrual issues to personal goals and freedoms, to answers as simple as “acne”.

Let’s keep working toward our happily ever after.

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