So Pasted: Abortion Clinics Shut Down in Ohio


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Chastity Bonehead: Some indignant dudebros at Stanford University think it’s unfair that they have to entertain sexual assault awareness and prevention if girls are going to insist on drinking and engaging in “risky behaviors,” Feministing reported“Do I deserve to have my bike stolen if I leave it unlocked on the quad?” senior Christophor Herries, and presumed grandson of the mayor in Footloose, told Bloomberg. “We have to encourage people not to take on undue risk.” Yeah, and no rock ‘n roll either! Victim blaming and diminishing rape all in one fell swoop? You’re going to make some girl very, very unhappy some day. 

Another One Bites The Dust: “Ohio’s unnecessarily severe abortion restrictions have forced yet another clinic to close its doors permanently — leaving women in the Cincinnati area with only one abortion provider, which is also in danger of being shut down,”Jezebel lamented this week. In addition to observing “some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country,” Ohio has also established a sneaky structure where abortion clinics require patient-transfer agreements from local hospitals, but the state’s public hospitals are bound to “protect the conscience of pro-life taxpayers” and can’t abide by that rule. Way to go, Ohio. 

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Little League pitcher Mo’ne Davis, “the 13-year-old girl whose steely demeanor and ace pitching skills have captivated the nation and powered her team from Philadelphia deep into the Little League World Series,” Mashable applauded, has earned a coveted spot on the cover of America’s most iconic sports publication, Sports Illustrated.  Just 18 girls have participated in the World Series event since it was first held in 1947, the site noted. And of seventy-three SI covers so far in 2014, Davis’ cover is only the sixth to feature a female athlete.

The Safe Word is ‘Dinglehopper’… and other Little Mermaid jokes: You don’t have to be “Part of [Their] World,” an L.A. fashion designer and her photographer partner are actively engaging the city’s party-going elite in a performance art experiment that will knock you off of your… what do you call em? Oh, feet. Clad in a sleek, face-concealing, sort of S&M latex bodysuit complete with a flowing mermaid tail, the eerie ebony-ensconced fairy tale femme shows up at random around L.A. to hang and thoroughly creep people out. If you’ve spotted them, Refinery 29 explains, “Turns out, you were actually witnessing two artists at work, shooting what they hope will one day become a gallery show and book about a fictional character dubbed Permaid.” The duo hopes to bring the Permaid to life in a published collection of their photos. Fin. 

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