Can We Stop: Speculating on Celebrity Plastic Surgery

New York Premiere party for 'The Slap'

Uma Thurman at the premiere of The Slap

UMA THURMAN, one of the most dynamic and interesting actresses to come out of Hollywood in recent memory, is the latest celebrity to go under the public microscope for supposedly having gone under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife. At last night’s premiere of The Slap, a miniseries in which she’s starring, Uma arrived sporting a look that was admittedly different than what she usually goes for. Refinery29 was able to talk with her make-up stylist, discovering that all that really went down was experimentation with makeup for a new look that she’s never tried before: “more editorial than… celebrity.” No Botox, no dermal fillers, no dreaded *gasp* plastic surgery. So the Twittersphere can cool the conspiracy theories and the “did she?/did she not?” discussions that have been so prolific in nature that, at one point this morning, Uma Thurman was in the better half of Twitter’s Top Ten Trends.

But even if she got an entire face transplant: WHO THE F**K CARES? Who the f**k cares if Uma Thurman, or Renee Zelwegger, or Kylie Jenner, or any number of other celebrities or actresses or social luminaries decide to get plastic surgery? Be real. Do you? I can honestly, with one hundred percent sincerity, say that I do not give a sh*t what a person, celebrity or otherwise, does to his or her face.  It’s a personal decision, one that does not invite commentary from people not involved in making it. And as much we like to pretend that we are, we are most assuredly not involved in the personal decisions of celebrities. Just because she’s an actress in the public eye doesn’t mean that her personal decisions should be dissected on international platforms. She’s not a role model. She’s a human being with a job and her own preferences and ideas on what beauty is. And  she’s not “asking for it,” not anymore that a doctor contracting a disease from one of his patients is “asking for it.” That logic is faulty, and it demonstrates exactly how entitled of a society we really are.

We need to stop speculating on celebrities and the supposed plastic surgery procedures they may have or may have not undertaken. We need to stop buying into these kinds of inherently gendered notions that have us convinced that a woman is no longer relevant if she is no longer beautiful, and that her body is an object of public consumption. And we need to stop thinking that we own celebrities simply because they appear on our screens and our newsfeeds on a semi-regular basis. They belong to themselves.

So do their decisions.

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