Water Color Hair Hydrating Hair Mask: A Must Try

If we had the guts, we’d dye our hair aqua, with some purple highlights, but alas, we are sticking with the brown hair we were born with. Making a permanent hair color change isn’t in the cards, but there is a product out there right now that we are dying to try. No pun intended.
While browsing one of our favorite beauty sites, thebeautydepartment.com, we saw a post about a semi-permanent hair mask that came in lots of pretty colors and was a good replacement for people who’d been using hair chalk as an alternative. We’re kind of obsessed with the idea of it right now, and can’t wait to give it a try one day.
The product is called Water Color Hydrating Color Masque, and it lasts between 1-3 washes. It’s pretty much the perfect thing to add to your summer festival must haves, or a fun way to go a little wild but only for a few days. It’s also a really cute gift to give someone who you know would use it (me).
You can get yellow, pink, blue or orange, all at UrbanOutfitters.com.

Also just in time for summer, brow guru Anastasia released her own version, HYPERCOLOR™ Brow and Hair Powder that gives any girl with the itch to dye instant gratification.

Some products obviously work better on light colored hair, but we hear that the blue has worked on brown hair too. Try it at your own risk, of course, but we’re excited to slather it on some day!

Have you ever dyed your hair a funky color? If given the 1 day wash out option, would you do it?– Sasha Huff

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