Slick: Adding Vaseline to Your Beauty Routine

Slick: Adding Vaseline to Your Beauty Routine

i don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Voilà! View your visage with new vanity, victorious over the most vicious dilemmas of your veneer, having vanquished them with a viscous, yet versatile, vanishing vigilante. You may call it Vaseline.  (Where my nerds at?)

The many uses of this utilitarian little tub of tricks are endless, but studying up on some basic applications will definitely inspire you to find new ways petroleum jelly can pretty you up.

Though it seems too greasy to grace your face, Vaseline is actually very nourishing and easy on even on problem pores. For a dewy doe-eyed look, a dab at the top of cheeks will add a sweet, youthful glow. Makeup artists often suggest the same for eyeshadow, however keep in mind it will send your waterproof eye makeup on the run– which makes it great for removing it too. A few of my favorite real world beauty role models have told me that they’ll use a little Vaseline to liven up their lashes too. It’s a wholesome alternative to mascara for a glossy but natural look and, left on overnight, will condition the delicate (and often abused!) fringe. When you must enhance your eyes with falsies, free stubborn lash glue from your eyelids with a little V.

It’s easy to combat chapped lips with a swipe of this stuff daily. But if you encounter some rough weather and do get a little flaky, rub on some V then exfoliate your lips with a quick scrub while brushing your teeth, to reveal a softer smile. While we’re mouthing off, an old pageant trick is to put a coat of Vaseline across your front teeth to complete your beauty routine too. It is supposed to make teeth look their sparkly best, prevent unsightly dryness when smiling often and for prolonged periods (think wedding day and other special events spent in front of a camera), and create a barrier to keep lipstick from sticking.

A pinch of petroleum jelly is also a great tool for manicures and pedicures. It will soften dry cuticles and is an easy way to keep wayward nail polish from sticking to your skin if you’re clumsy with application (like me). Even the prettiest mani/pedi can be overshadowed by ashen, unhealthy skin, but an ounce of prevention can scare away scaly hands and feet.

Mixed with a few pinches of sea salt, Vaseline pairs with the natural exfoliant to create a super scrub that will leave your paws and other problems areas smooth. Slather on a layer before bed and put on socks to seal it in– as little as once a week will help keep feet softer. For a little ingenuity that will impress your handier friends, use Vaseline on the neck of tricky nail polish bottles as a lubricant to keep them from getting stuck shut.

What are your favorite ways to use Vaseline to keep your beauty game glowing? — Casandra Armour

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