Acne Arsenal: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Pads

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Pads Review

about face: a beau-tea-ful fight.

The spunky sibling of Whole Foods, more budget-friendly Trader Joe’s is a great go-to for fresh produce and organic goodies, but I hadn’t previously considered it for natural beauty solutions. While picking up a bottle of Two Buck Chuck (though it’s no longer two bucks) at TJ’s, I thought about seeing what I could find at the rustic retailer to quell a seriously gross stress-induced breakout I was suffering from.

I used to engage in an all out blemish blitzkrieg when I was a kid that included Oxy 10, Sea Breeze, Noxema, a barrage of Neutrogena products,  etc., and I can still hear echoes of my step-father telling me that my “chemical warfare” (his exact words) was likely making my aggressive acne more severe. As such, other than a brief flirtation with ProActiv solution for a few months, I have tried to keep my military campaigns against my skin to a minimum (mostly with success). It was probably the only good advice that man ever gave me.

Picking up TJ’s Spa line Natural Facial Cleaning Pads with Tea Tree Oil was the best addition I’ve ever made to my now modest arsenal and for less than four bucks, no less. I’m not sure whether I’d call them an astringent or toner type product, but they take away the grossest gunk that somehow hangs on after cleansing and leaves my skin tight and tingly. Both vegan and cruelty free, the botanical beauty booster is super stimulating. It’d be a great pick-me-up for an early morning, yet it’s somehow very soothing at bedtime too.

An incredibly aromatic array of healing herbs and plants like Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemongrass Oil, and Ginger marched into battle against the new acne that had laid siege to the skin on my chin and wiped those zits out with a zesty zeal. What’s the best natural product in your acne arsenal? Casandra Armour


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