Spring Face Forward: Beauty Trends

When it comes to fashion and beauty, our aim is usually to trend  lightly. If  vajazzling taught us anything it was that not all trends are fit to be tried. So, while we plan to pass on the crimping revival expected for spring, there are a few things we intend to test.



If you’ve seen a photo of Cara Delevingne (just check any recent runway) you may have noticed a sort of 80’s revival in the brow department. Bold brows are back!

Celebrity brow guru, Anastasia Soare, says brows are the easiest way to achieve a balanced and proportioned face – which she achieves by applying her trademarked Golden Ratio technique.

HOW:  Getting brows like Brooke (Shields of course) is easy with the ABH Brow Kit. Choose the brow stencil that is best suited for your face, then using the angled brush apply brow powder to fill in any gaps. Tweeze stray hairs that lay outside the stenciled area. Finish off with the clear brow gel in upward strokes.




You can part your tresses down the middle or part them on the side, braid it all, or braid a bit — the messy braid is a mainstay on the spring beauty scene.

HOW:  First, work some texturizing cream or mousse through dry hair. Use your fingers to form a part far enough away from your natural center part that it looks intentionally off-set. Release some pieces around your face, then take the remaining hair to one side and braid. Once the braid is complete, use a fine-tooth comb to pull at some of the hair. Make it look a little disheveled. Use the same technique for a French braid, or center part braid.








We’re happy to report that nail art may have actually reached its tipping point. If we never see another pinky painted like a penguin, it would be too soon. Enter the new neutrals – a harsh (and yet pacifistic) backlash to the over-embellished nails of 2012.

HOW:  This season look for a hue that is complimentary to your natural skin tone, but slightly warmer. Avoid any color that makes your nail beds blend with your finger. Pick up: Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Organza or Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez. Get it? Goodie. –China Moss

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