Replace Your Boring Hair Ties With These Fun Accessories

headed to san francisco.

headed to san francisco.

With summer quickly approaching and the warm spring breeze on the horizon, you’ve got to be prepared for fun ways to keep your hair out of your face without sacrificing style. Sure, the old school black or brown hair tie is a staple piece, but there are so many cute hair accessories that you may have missed during your last department store run.

Whether you’re ready to completely toss out all of your hair ties, or you want some inspiration for a mix and matched look, we’ve found some awesome pieces to add to your collection.

Hair Elastics

Black Ties by Bloom Jewelry

Scrunched Bow

Cut Out Southwest Hair Elastic

Skull Ponytail Holder

Gold Ring Hair Ties

Headbands & Head Wraps

Ikat Print Head Wrap

Braided Metallic Headband

Braided Spike Head Wrap

Large Flower Crown Head Wrap

Flower Crown Head Wrap

Delicate Chain Head Wrap

Bobby Pins & Hair Clips

Pearl & Flower

Be Mine

Georgette Bow Clips

Pearlescent Bobby Pins

We love window shopping on the internet, and will definitely be making some purchases in the near future. We love the idea of mixing a funky flowered hair wrap with a simple jeans and t-shirt combination. And we LOVE the idea of taking one of the Black Ties by Bloom Jewelry and wearing them around as bracelets when we go out for the night. A hair tie that is pretty enough to sub in as jewelry? We’ll take two.

Don’t forget, you can always find inspiration from these pieces to DIY some of your own! Go grab a basic hair band and grab some gems or a cute flower to hot glue gun your way to happiness.

– Sasha Huff

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