Not Your Mother's: She's A Tease Volumizing Hairspray Review

She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray

such a tease

It’s ironic that the She’s A Tease Volumizing Hairspray brand is called “Not Your Mother’s” because that’s precisely what I was using: my mother’s. No kidding. I’m not very hair savvy and don’t tend to need my hairspray supply replenished more than once a year or so. I happened to be at the dollar store the last time I realized was out and opted for a big fat aerosol can of eighties-era Aqua Net.  Long gone is the shiny metallic spray can I remember my mom cementing her fabulously fluffy blonde perm with  (hopefully she’s upgraded to a better product over the years), but I got fooled into thinking a (slightly) more modern look might equate an updated formula. Don’t be deceived, it’s still like the roller rink I used it for in 1992: sticky and stinky.

This is my first month signed up with Beauty Army (a personalized subscription of six samples you select, for $12 each month), and I was psyched to see that a volumizing spray was among my initial options. Before my unfortunate one dollar investment in Aqua Net, I favored Got 2b 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray. I had been looking for another product with reliable lift and hold that didn’t look shellacked and tacky, or smell tremendously toxic.

I tested out the She’s A Tease with a pretty, high-volume side ponytail. I separated the pieces around my crown from the pieces around the nape of my neck and secured the bottom half with an elastic behind my ear. I opted for waves made from wrapping around the curling iron instead of clamping, for a more casual and less church-on-Sunday look. I followed the can’s instructions to spray the roots, then tousled and pulled up the top half, leaving a small section out to wrap around the elastic.  My pony turned out soft and feminine looking and the boosted ‘do held up through a bike ride. When I took it down, it had a ton of body and looked pretty sexy. It didn’t feel like it was crunchy or desperately needed brushed through; it came down with a lot of bounce and shine.

It’s labeled “infused with Apple Blossom & Bamboo” and while I can’t say I sniffed those notes out, the fragrance is only a little chemical and is overall pretty pleasant. Maybe I’ll send a can of She’s A Tease to my mom?  —Casandra Armour


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