Lunchtime Plastic Surgery Procedures


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Cosmetic surgery has been popular for a long time, particularly among women who are getting older. It is seen as a way to turn back the aging process and reverse the effects of time. In essence, cheating the clock. As if that wasn’t enough, now there are “lunchtime” cosmetic procedures that are gaining in popularity and are seen as an even quicker way to obtain results – without all the downtime. Most of these procedures involve non-invasive treatments that can be done in an hour or less (hence the nickname “lunchtime”) and clients enjoy the fact that they can get subtle results that increase over time without having to take several weeks off from work in order to recover. Would you try any of the lunchtime procedures listed below?

CoolSculpting – This is a clinically proven procedure that selectively reduces fat in specified areas on your body, such as the love handles and inner thighs. The non-surgical device works by using precisely controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat calls, eliminating body fat. The procedure can cost anywhere between $1500 and upwards of $4000, depending on how large of an area you have treated. Be warned though: some say that the procedure is uncomfortable and left them in some pain for up to a week after, while others complain that due to the sudden fat loss, they were left with loose, saggy skin.

Ultherapy – A “lighter” form of a facelift, this FDA-approved procedure harnesses the body’s natural processes to build new collagen and can be done on the neck and chin line. Be patient with this procedure, however, as maximum results take two to three months to appear, although many patients claim that they experienced continued improvement up to the six-month mark.  The results may not be as dramatic as getting an actual facelift, but the risks are greatly decreased. This can cost anywhere from $1500 for a smaller area on the face up to $5000, although most surgeon’s offices offer package rates that will help cut costs but are still pricy, nonetheless.

Clear + Brilliant – A quick method of skin rejuvenation that can be done in an hour, this laser refreshes the skin, giving it a youthful appearance without the unwanted downtime. Based on fractional laser technology, this laser creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in skin, replacing the damaged skin with healthier tissue and contributing to a smoother appearance. Since only a portion of the skin is treated at one time, it can take between four to six treatments in order to obtain maximum results, but on the upside one treatment take less than twenty minutes. The treated area will eventually scab lightly and flake away – the equivalent of a sunburn, and applying aloe vera gel or moisturizer will help maximize and speed up healing time. Depending on how large of an area you treat, costs can range between $300 to $500 a session.

Liposonix – This treatment finally became available in the United States in 2012 and is a fat reduction procedure that harnesses ultrasound technology to melt fat under the skin. It permanently gets rid of fat cells in selected problem areas on the body and results can be seen after one treatment (typically going down one pant size or so). According to, the Liposonix charges around $130-150 per 6cm by 6cm square area on the body, so if you have around 10 squares to treat on your abdomen area, treatment will be between $1300 and $1500. Reviews on rank from “pleased” to “disappointed” so it is strongly advised that you do thorough research on your surgeon and facility before considering having this procedure done. And while you may obtain mild results, don’t expect to come out looking like an entirely different person.

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