Kate Spade's Live Colorfully

Kate Spade Live Colorfully Parfum

what a deal from Kate Spade

Daring but darling designer Kate Spade has invited fans to indulge in the brand’s new perfume on her dime.  If you seize the deal (read to the end to find out how) and sign up to get a free sample of her vivid Live Colorfully Eau De Parfum shipped to your doorstep, here’s what you can expect.

According to the Kate Spade site, exotic yet elegant Live Colorfully includes top notes of mandarin, pink water lily, and star anise; with a heart of tiare flower, golden gardenia, and coconut water; and finishes with back notes of sheer amber, musk and Tahitian vanilla.

The KSNY fragrance is unabashedly feminine, bright but provocative. It’s the warmer back notes, the amber, musk, and vanilla, that keep the pretty perfume from being too crisp and demure. On me, it’s those spicier scents that come forward to beautifully complement the floral bouquet. I was prepared to attribute that to my personal body chemistry, but a more informed source says that your skin doesn’t influence the scent.

“Unless you eat very spicy food all the time, your body chemistry won’t change a fragrance,” explains parfumer Pierre-Constantin Guéros. “That’s a bit of a myth—you’d have to have a trained nose to be able to distinguish how a scent smells differently on two people.” May I humbly agree to disagree?

For familiar comparisons, Live Colorfully is similar to other ladylike colognes such as Coach Legacy and Miss Dior. Sophisticated and clean Coach Legacy has a similarly citrusy base, which includes honeysuckle and orange. The delightful Miss Dior shares mandarin essence with Live Colorfully and has similarly sexy warm notes such as patchouli and jasmine. And both bottles are adorned with adorable little bows, how can you resist? Casandra Armour

To receive your free sample via the Kate Spade Facebook page, click here

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