Hot Nail Trends For 2013

she's totally nailing it.

she’s totally nailing it.

What you wear on your nails has become increasingly important in recent years. While most of us have been painting our nails in funky colors since we were teens, it seems to have made a huge splash as of late, with more and more nail trend hashtags popping up online than we’ve ever seen before.

Whether it’s crazy designs, ombre, neon, 3-D art, or just a plain ol’ fashion good manicure, having fun with your nails is just another way to show express your personal fashion choices.

Let’s start off with something that is classic, but we saw a lot of on the runway for Spring 2013: pale nails. Yes, we can hear your “duh” sigh of frustration with the mention that using a pale nail color would be considered a seasonal trend, but it was, and we had to get it out of the way. So, if you don’t own a pale peach, beige, or grey, get it now, and try it out.

Next up of course, is the lovely and bold metallic. Put a stripe of it down the center of your nail, or take a spin with a french manicure, sans white tips. How about some silver instead? A little gold could make ya fancy. Or paint the entire nail a dark metallic gun metal grey and be the bad ass rock star that you are.

Two tone manicures are also on trend, and it doesn’t stop at two shades of the same color. Think color blocking, but on your nails. Why not mix orange and pink, or go for the spring trend of black and white. Just mix it up, and have a good time while you do it.

If you haven’t tried a matte color yet, you need to check it out. It’s a fun way to do something different without hot gluing hello kitty plastic faces to the top of your nail.

It’s all up to you which way you go this season, and with nail polish being a relatively cheap make up accessory, it’s easy to stock up and try a ton of different options.

Which nail trend will you be trying this season?–Sasha Huff

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