Bargain Bombshell Hair Using Suave Dry Shampoo

Bombshell Hair Dry Shampoo

we’d bargain our left or right arm for that hair.

Let’s talk knock-offs. Giving the dry shampoo trend a try, I opted for Suave’s version, labeled salon proven to compare to Rene Furterer® Naturia Dry Shampoo. Full disclosure, I’d never heard of that hyper high-end brand. Google tells me that it sells for between twelve and twenty-four bucks, and the product’s site gushes, “This time-saving dry shampoo is a stylist’s secret weapon and a celebrity favorite. It instantly cleans hair without water to refresh and restore volume between regular shampoos. It absorbs excess oil, impurities and environmental odors so hair is lightly scented and full of bounce.” Could my four dollar Suave purchase (via eBay) live up to this enthusiastic self-endorsement?

Without having tried our buddy Rene’s fancy stuff,  Suave definitely seems to have echoed the more elegant label’s best properties. I’ve been eager to sample a dry shampoo not as a refresher or texturizer, but to boost the day-of wash as a preventative measure since I’m prone to greasy hair. Suave’s mineral clay formula delivers a powerful burst of oil-absorption to my rowdy roots and adds shiny, not sticky or tacky, body. My straight, thick hair is often left limp even when freshly washed and I’ve been so thrilled to see it still looking polished and voluminous late in the day or the next morning (for the first time ever).

It came through as a texturizer as well. A couple of strategic blasts on clean hair were the perfect preparation for the application of a big curling iron, to create the kind of big, loose, waves that my fine hair ordinarily wouldn’t abide by. On Saturday morning–  I simply rolled out of bed, sprayed my roots, and went with an easy half-up half-down. It had the right kind of shine that I felt looked casual and pulled  together, instead of worrying that it was obvious I’d slacked off.  Fellow lazy ladies, meet your new best friend.

What’s your favorite find to keep fine hair from looking stringy? Which discount brand best delivers for your tresses? Casandra Armour

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