All-Natural Artisan Cosmetics From Faerie Organic

All-Natural Artisan Cosmetics From Faerie Organic

you make me feel like a natural woman. (woman!)

Founded in 2007 by mindful makeup artist Erin Mincks, Faerie Organic‘s  handcrafted natural formulas are less damaging to our environment and encourage healthy skin, for a flawless application that fosters a beautiful face even when it’s bare. Her fully customizable line accommodates nearly any skin tone, type, and even the most  particular coverage preferences.

The company’s humble start is as remarkable as the cosmetics. “Erin believes cancer and modern disease are caused by a build up of toxicity, and so chooses to create holistic, healing products that you can feel safe putting on your skin,” the company overview explains. After tragically losing both parents to terminal cancers, she shunned mainstream make-up brands both in her personal routine and for her clients. To fulfill her needs as an artist, but adhere to her respect for more natural living, Erin began creating simple and elegant products at home in her kitchen. Utilizing organic herbs and food-grade ingredients kept her products safe, as well as bestowing them with beneficial properties.

Gentle and nourishing, Faerie Organic Minerals are non-comedogenic and non acnegenic, they won’t clog pores or irritate allergy-prone skin. Perfect for summer, the anti-inflammatory minerals produce a natural SPF that also blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays and are waterproof. Faerie Organic does not use Talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, or any preservatives, dyes, or chemicals.

Though pretty pigment eyeshadows, blush, and bronzers are part of Erin’s repertoire, the brand’s long wearing mineral foundation is Faerie Organic’s focus. Coverage is up to the wearer’s needs and ranges from airbrush to max finish, while convenient little sample kits ship fast and allow you to play with the array of shades in your range before committing.  If it sounds a lot like Bare Escentuals, I obviously wouldn’t be the first to mention it, since it’s actually addressed on the Faerie Organic site.  It is the same concept, but carried out so much more conscientiously.  Less mask-like, even at its fullest coverage, Faerie Organic has a soft look that isn’t as glittery as Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals also uses Bismuth Oxychloride, “…well known to cause irritation, itching, redness and in some cases acne as well as paraben preservatives in their mineral veil formulas.”

Though summer sun often means a simplified make-up routine, some of us can’t face the world without coverage thanks to various skin conditions. Prone to break outs and oily skin, and cursed with acne scars, I can’t imagine facing summer without the benefits of Faerie Organic.   Casandra Armour


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