Are Makeup Trends Really a Thing?

beautytrendsI can’t go through my inbox without being bombarded by emails about makeup. Yes, makeup. More information about eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, and lip gloss than one could possibly put on their face in a lifetime; you could however, paint the town (red, or taupe, or whatever else) with it all.

“Why do you receive so many emails about makeup?” you might ask. Don’t know, I’m asking the same thing. And why they don’t all end up in my Gmail “Promotions” folder, I’m not sure either.

But apparently aside from seasonal makeup trends, there are monthly, weekly, and even daily makeup trends that I need to be aware of- dare I be seen in public without the proper thickness and length of my eyeliner.

I keep asking myself: what the hell are makeup trends?

I’ve never looked at a girl at a bar and thought that her makeup was so last season.


Who exactly is caucusing, and deciding that cat eyes are out and wing tips are in? Are people actually reading these emails and following face? Call me an insurgent but if pink lips are out and I want to wear pink lipstick/lip gloss, I don’t really care. How tiring must it be for editors to come up with new things to do with products that have been around for fifty years? And how gullible are we to fall for it?

It’s just like bathing suit season. How do you get bathing suit ready? Put on a f**king bathing suit. And, done.

Isn’t makeup all about enhancing what we all naturally have? Apparently it’s about sales.

I’m aware that beauty is a business– a  billion dollar one– but does this incessant change drive anyone else crazy?

I’ve never looked at a girl at a bar and thought that her makeup was so last season.

Makeup shouldn’t be about wearing what’s trendy. It should be about wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin…because you’re worth it.

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