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mapping it all out.

mapping it all out.

Travel is a major priority for most of us wanderlusters. Getting lost in a new city is always magical, and if we can afford to get lost in a new country, our hearts explode. There’s nothing quite like going somewhere you don’t know the language, and wandering until you find your way.

Unfortunately, with air-fare prices going up every day, traveling on the cheap is a bit more difficult than it used to be, but it’s not completely out of the question!

Luckily for us clever g

irls, seeking out a deal is a must, so we’ve scoured our favorite travel sites to see what 2013 has in store for the budget friendly adventurer!

The first place to start is with what we like to call the backpackers bible, otherwise known as The Lonely Planet guide. Our Lonely Planet Thailand guide got us through three wonderful weeks backpacking through the country without a single thing booked except our flights. Their books are glorious and if you haven’t used them to travel with yet, you need to start asap.

Lonely Planet is recommending places like Cambodia, Portland, Rio, and Sweden among a few, and have an entire book dedicated to budget friendly travel in 2013.

CNN agrees with LP on their choices, and have also added destinations like Bolivia, Nepal, and Spain, while Huffington Post suggests Nashville, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and even St. Augustine, Florida.

Southeast Asia is always a great option, as accommodations are usually cheap, and you can often find something beautiful at a low cost. Flights tend to be a bit expensive, but once you are there, you can live like kings and queens on a dime for weeks at a time.

And don’t forget, you can always do an affordable stay-cation in your city, or the closest one near your town. Taking a break without going too far is a nice way to explore new areas that you haven’t appreciated before.

Where do you plan to go this year? –Sasha Huff

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