Anderson Asks: Liz Nistico of HOLYCHILD

tumblr_n8x8meCRby1rrio6qo1_1280 HOLYCHILD’s Liz Nistico is a bit of everything: part glam, part fem, part ist, and all bad ass. Not to mention, she’s the lead singer as well video director for the indie band, which just had a showcase at New York’s MoMA this past AprilBeyond the MoMA love, Nylon Magazine described HOLYCHILD as “mind-blowingly addictive,” and Billboard placed them in their annual “14 artists to watch in 2014.” In short, this lady– and her band mate Louie Diller– are blowing up. Liz and Louie call HOLYCHILD “brat pop,” but we also think it’s like if Katy Perry, Andy Warhol, and Robin had a ménageà-tryst and popped out a perfect pop baby for adults only. Which, fancy for you, HOLYCHILD’s debut EP MINDSPEAK is out now. Naturally, Anderson got nosy, and needed to know more.  

photo credit: Made in Hell-A

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