Camping Chic


Kick your dusty camping gear up a notch with some urban vibes. Camping chic falls somewhere between dolled-up glamping and somewhat-illegal urban camping. A few designers have been playing with the intersection of city-inspired shapes, art and camping. For example, you can take your spot in the city or in the wilderness with city-sleek architectural trailers, hammocks and temporary shelters. You could also invest a stylish boutique tent, such as these tents that hang from trees, bubble domes and transparent igloos furnished with chic white furniture.

Pack up chic essentials such as this cute idea: Throw a cheap Ikea faux fur blanket onto a camping chair, and voila – glamorous chairs in the woods. Bring patterned pillows and throws for impromptu picnics, as well as a few mason jars for summery drinks spiked with a little vodka or bourbon. And when you go on a hike, don’t forget your urban rucksack to pack some water and healthy snacks.

Up in the Pacific Northwest, where Douglas Firs grow wild in lush forests, a few indie clothing brands have put their own spin on camping chic styles. Poler sells these hilarious napsack sleeping bags, which double as giant parkas. How versatile is that for snuggling and staying warm? Also check out Poler’s Instagram hashtag #campvibes to see photo montages of gorgeous hikes and random camping destinations. Bridge & Burn, a Portland brand, offers a whole line of laid-back apparel fit for walking through the woods, such as plaid shirts with a high collar or this subdued blue summer dress.

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