Why Is My Boppy So Ugly?

no, it's not for a plane.

no, it’s not for a plane.

When I was pregnant and asked my friends what I needed for my baby, they all said “GET A BOPPY!!!”  So I was like, OK I will get one! So there I go to Babies R Us and take the little registering gun and scan the code.  Bam, hopefully someone buys me it.

So I love my boppy, and have used it for many other things than holding my baby while feeding him.  I use it to prop him up, tummy time, a pillow for me or my dog, and so many more things.  It is so versatile but man are their slipcover patterns UGLY!  I get it, make them bright and cheery but how about some attractive designs?

I am certainly not crafty by any means, so I turned to my trusty Etsy to find some cool solutions.  There are so many amazing handmade Boppy covers that I couldn’t choose just one.  Some of them can be monogrammed with your babies name or just some outrageously cool patterns.  My personal fav is a grey chevron pattern with a monogram.  For only $25 that is a great deal in my opionion.

Of course the Boppy does make other covers, but if you have the option why not get something to match your nursery?–Jessica Brown

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