Welcome to the Holicraze


Holiday music bellowing throughout the house usually motivates me to get Santa’s Lists squared away.  However, this year, with the calendar falling as it has, and one week less of preparations than usual, I find myself wanting to gyrate, slither like a snake, high kick and scream-sing “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses instead.

Pregnant with my third baby, and in my third trimester, we are staying put on the west coast with family traveling to us.  I feel grateful for that, which also makes me feel the need to bring it.  Bring the Christmas cheer, the decorations, the gifts, and create an amazing winter wonderland because memories need to be made, dang it!

Four thousand catalogs have somehow made their way into my mailbox over the last few weeks taunting me to out do anything I remotely had planned decoration and gifts wise.  I’ve ordered an insane, but methodical, amount of things from Amazon and a myriad of other websites.  Some items I’ve paid double for because I neglected to purchase products I didn’t think were going to be the hot toy of the season three weeks ago when I originally put them in my cart (I’m looking at you Doc McStuffins!).

Hiding places and storage spaces around the apartment are becoming sparse.  Relatives are mailing their gifts here so they don’t have to travel with extra suitcases to further challenge space needs and further challenge the ability of keeping the miracle and magic of Santa Claus alive and well.

One thing I did this year that I’ve never done before is email my husband a list of items he could get for me this year.  Thankfully, he thought this was genius.  I have not followed up with him on this list, so we will see what appears Christmas morning.  Or if he ordered too late, items will be on back order till January.  Either way, I ordered a couple fun baubles for myself that should arrive here in time.

Meanwhile, as I prep for heading out to the big fancy stores for my parents’ gifts this weekend, I’m battling a chest cold and cough, getting rid of furniture and prepping the new nursery/guest room, searching for a new babysitter, and beginning weekly non stress testing for me and the baby, among other things that have prompted me to start using my daily meditation app again (thank you, Headspace!).

Ah, the joys of the holidays.

Fortunately, even if I’m filled with anxiety about my health and the baby’s health and what I can or can’t achieve this Christmas season, I force myself to throw all of these things into perspective.  This is specific period of time that is stressful, but manageable.  It too shall pass.  Hopefully.  Right?

As I talk myself down from the top of Santa’s chimney, one of my children has run into the bathroom screaming that their butt hurts, pulled down their pants, and proceeded to have a major pooping episode, which probably means no dairy for that one for a few days.  And a possible stomach bug is now in the house on top of our colds and coughs. Greeeaaat.  Is Mercury in flipping retrograde or something?!

“Aaaaahhhhh!  Welcome to the Holicraze!  We’ve got fun and games!”

Cue the gyrating, slithering like a snake, high kicks and scream-singing!

Alternate with long deep breaths.

Get your Holicraze on, mamas!

Happy Holidays!


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