Thinking of Changing Your Child’s Moniker? Do It!

what's in a name?

what’s in a name?

Names! We love them. We hate them. But usually the ones we find ourselves at odds with are crazy celebrity baby names that make absolutely no sense – to us non-celebrity folk, at least – and we cry, “what were they thinking?” in pure outraged confusion.

But what do we do when we end up disliking the name we’ve bestowed upon our own sweet little cherub? Change it! That’s what we do! Or at least, it’s what we can do.

Names are important. They are, for better or worse, what identifies us technically and in spirit. Names set the stage for the rest of our lives. So, if you’re hesitant about the moniker you’ve given your wee babe, follow that instinct. See it through. You will not regret it. But you might regret keeping your baby named something you knew wasn’t quite right.

I legally changed my first child’s name when she was one.

I knew the second day in the hospital that the name we chose for her the day before wasn’t right. I liked the name, but the more I said it, and the more I heard other people say it, and the more I looked at her while saying and hearing it, I just knew. It was the wrong choice. And I couldn’t shake it.

The funny thing was when I expressed this to my family and friends; I was presented with a shocking lack of support to change it. Everyone tried to convince me that the original choice was a great name (it was!) and to give it time (no!) because it will grow on me (yes, like a fungus!). It didn’t matter how much I told this alleged support system of mine that the name wasn’t right for our baby, that it didn’t suit her. Not many people actually heard me.

It was a lonely road, but I stayed true to my baby girl and my instincts, regrouped and found a name that suited her strong warrior princess independent spirit. My husband finally got on board. And soon after, we remembered a beautiful name from when we lived overseas. And suddenly, it fit.

We kept our new name quest to ourselves until we knew our choice was best for our baby girl. In reality, we changed her name amongst ourselves in those first few months. We didn’t make the legal change until her first birthday. A birthday gift to all of us.

So, if you’re thinking that Warbler Tank Fleming and his initials might not have been the best choices, and that they might possibly make life for your little one harder than it has to be, it’s okay to head to Probate Court and fill out the paperwork.

Just hold off on ordering any and all baby announcement cards until it’s truly official. That stuff can get expensive.

May the Name be with you!

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