The Nest is Best

nestingAt some point, every pregnant mama suddenly gets this overwhelming urge to get ready for baby.  It’s beyond researching what products the baby really needs.  It’s beyond strategic.  It’s beyond rational.  It’s pure maternal animal instinct.  And it takes over every mama in different ways.

One thing for certain is the desire to “nest” at some point trumps every other impulse and need in a pregnant woman, and immediately throws mamas into a wild tailspin of getting the house ready for baby…like, NOW.  It can range from buying the bare necessities for a nursery, which is a primary provoker, to renovating a room, a kitchen, a basement, an entire house, moving house all together or even buying a new car.  Sometimes, all of the above.  Laugh it up, but we have friends who have in fact done all of the above when twins were on their horizon.

Nesting is powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The desire to nest typically kicks in in the last trimester.  Suddenly, time is of the essence and baby’s arrival is on the horizon.  Personally, pregnant with my third, this is my second baby that is due within two months of the holiday season.  So, not only am I in the throws of holiday insanity, I have also had movers here to remove old furniture to make room for new furniture arriving, all for baby, all in one week.  Eight days before Christmas.  You know, the least stressful time of the year.

To be honest, none of this was entirely done by my personal design.  There were uncontrolled circumstances.  If I had my way, I would have waited to do this the first week of the new year.  Yet suddenly, one thing came up, then it was a domino effect of about 400 ‘to-do’s’ for this week alone.

Though I will obviously continue to prep for baby after the holidays, I can already feel the wave of innate desire to purge more and more.  Streamline.  Simplify.  Get to that very succinct ideal of a clutter-free universe.

And that is why the desire to nest is best.  It allows a mama to really evaluate her surroundings.  What is fluff, what is necessity.  What to keep, what to toss.  What is frivolous, what is truly important.  And that last one, I think, is a freight train-worthy driving force whether a mama realizes or not.

Here we are getting ready for the most important thing in our lives, it only makes sense that mamas-to-be everywhere would be preparing for that arrival by evaluating everything little thing in their lives and whether or not it’s truly important.

Just know, as I also remind myself, that desire to evaluate importance when it comes to the baby, doesn’t end when you meet your nesting ideals.  It will always be in us as mamas.  Always wanting the best for our babies no matter what.  This is just the beginning.

So, nest away, and enjoy the process.  It’s a fundamental foundation to so much more.

Happy Nesting!


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