The Baby Shower Gift No One Ever Wants to Give, But Every New Mom Needs

Toddler shoes on wooden vintage background

leave cute for the decor.

It’s not cute.  It’s not sexy.  But it’s a useful, substantial gift that every new mom needs and will be grateful for.  Here are some products to consider:

Mustela ProductsThe Newborn Gift Set is a great place to start.  I don’t know one mom (or baby!) who doesn’t love these products.  A little goes a long way.  Quality!

Burts Bees Nourishing Baby Oil & Bubble Bath – Two different products for two different activities.  Baby massage is very soothing and helps with circulation.  The oil is lovely and the scent will mellow both mother and babe.  The bubble bath isn’t necessary for newborns, but it’s a great product for when the babies are big enough for bubbles in the tub.

Boiron Camilia Teething Drops – I don’t know what it is about these drops, but they’re magical.  A second option is Little Teethers Oral Pain Relief.  A tiny drop will do wonders.  If neither is available, pick up a The Vulli Giraffe.  Somewhere around the 4-6 month mark this giraffe is a miracle teething toy!

Thermometer – The new mom should try to snag the one from the hospital.  Otherwise, visit the local pharmacy.  Unfortunately, several brands can be expensive AND duds, so do some research and maybe ask the pharmacist which one they recommend.

Nail Files and Summer Nail Clipper Set – Warning: grooming newborn nails can cause instant panic attacks!  Use a traditional emery board nail file for the first months then move to clippers.  Summer makes a mini-clipper that is the perfect size for those perfect little fingernails.  Great times to file or clip are right after a feeding, when babies are most relaxed.

Pacifiers and such…Avent Soothies are typically the ones given at the hospital.  Around two months, the baby can jump to MAMs pacifiers.  Including a colorful BooginHead Pacifier Clip is also a useful bonus!

Mucus Extravaganza! – For first colds, a powerful snot sucker is key!  New moms should try to take the big green bulb one from the hospital (get two if you can!)!  The little snot sucker in the Little Noses Stuffy Nose Kit is a good runner up for tiny nostrils.  Be liberal with saline.  Before and after naps/sleeping is a good start.

Boogie Wipes (Fresh Scent) – Initially, I rolled my eyes and scoffed audibly when I saw these in a store thinking it was a gimmick for crazed first-time moms who buy everything out there.  Never again!  Boogie Wipes are amazing on your baby’s face, never chaffing or chapping.  My husband and I now buy extra packs for us.  Yes.  I just admitted that.

Ointments – “Less is more” was the mantra at our hospital class when it came to diapering.  My doula recommended A&D.  It’s mostly natural ingredients, if not all.  Another crowd favorite is Butt Paste.  Though I recommend putting on A&D first, then Butt Paste for big rashes on the overnights as the Butt Paste can dry and can be hard to get off a baby’s bottom.  Not usually for diapering, but more an all-purpose product, Aquaphor is magic.  Great for scratches, chap cheeks, and unbelievably, baby acne or anything that falls under those categories.  I swear scratches that have been Aquaphored are gone in less than 24 hours.  It’s amazing!  If it’s a boy and circumcised, buckets of Vaseline are recommended.  Yes, I said buckets.

Consult With Your Pediatrician – For first fevers, depending on the diagnosis and pediatrician, an Infant Ibuprofen and Infant Acetaminophen are always handy to have in the medicine cabinet.  Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup for ages 6 months-2 years.  Cough medicines for infants are hard to come by.  Hyland’s is a natural brand.

Hand Sanitizer (Large Pump), Of Course!

You’ll be using a lot of it!  Make sure you get the kind with aloe to keep your hands soft.  Add Band-Aids, cotton pads, and Q-Tips to round out the list.

Here’s to Healthy and Happy!