It Takes A Village…and Lots of Wine: Advice About Parenthood


At our baby shower, we had family and friends fill out advice cards upon arrival.  Any advice was encouraged: funny, practical, heartfelt, wild, whatever.  No judgments.  The cards were read aloud while baby gifts were opened.  It was educational and entertaining.  Here are some of our faves:

“…Enjoy every moment!  These early days are the BEST!  While milestones are fun and exciting, don’t always be so anxious for them to arrive!”

“…Take care of yourselves and each other.  This baby, like most babies, will do just fine.  It’s the parents that need attention.  Keep dating and take weekends away.”

“…Love loads, laugh lots, and watch out for the stinky ones!”

“…Enjoy every minute of the younger years because nothing fun comes between 13 and 18 years old.”

“…Fill your heart with love and you’ll fill all those around you.”

“…[Your husband] won’t break the baby – let him figure out what works for him.”

“…Choose two friends to ask advice from, you get so much unsolicited advice, find the people you trust.”

“…Strong coffee and red wine are a new mom’s best friends!”

“…Swaddle the baby snugly for a couple weeks as it likes to be snug like in the womb.”

“…Pick a name as if he or she grows up to be famous.  He or she will have a “catchy” name for the billboards!  Ha!”

“…Take every offer of food and babysitting.”

“…Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“…Go out to dinner right away…”

“…Parenthood is the most amazing and exhausting job you will ever have, but always every rewarding!”

“…Follow your instincts…”

“…Introduce a bottle with formula from an early age so that you can get out child-free.”

“…Just go with it!”

“…Most important…have fun!”

“…Praise your child for hard work, since that will reward them for life.”

“…Have a date night at least once a month.”

“…Never lose your sense of humor.”

“…[Don’t] hover over [your husband] when he’s with the baby.  Don’t boss him around and tell him he’s doing things wrong or he won’t want to help you.  Praise him as a dad and he will do more and more for you.”

“…Go to bed as early as you can and rest as much as possible.”

“…A mommy’s intuition never lies.”

“…Love that baby like crazy and let your husband help.”

“…Look for opportunities to make your life easier and save time.”

“…No such thing as too many pacifiers.”

“…Order groceries online.”

“…Find a babysitter NOW!”

“…Remember ‘this too shall pass’ when it gets difficult!”

“…Always have fun and laugh!”

“…Love this child and keep a blog or memoir.”

Or get a sweet gig as a Mommy writer for

Needless to say, these advice cards are cherished and serve as our portable “little village of voices” that remind us we’re not alone in this incredible journey that is parenthood.

Oh yes, and remember to breathe.  Deeply.

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