Chic and Pregnant

It could be said that celebrities have money at their disposal to hire any sort of help required in the quest for physical perfection, but either way we’re really inspired by a few of these pregnant famous women. Who knows what they feel like but they sure look put together and happy as usual, proving that you don’t have to drastically abandon your personal style while you patiently grow a new human.

First up, Gwen Stefani. She looks flawless in general and she looks exactly the same while she’s pregnant. (Currently on baby three with husband Gavin Rossdale.) She finds the perfect mix between dressing up and dressing down, like donning red lipstick and heels with jeans and a camouflage jacket to pick up the other kids at school. She looks comfortable, easy, and just exactly like herself. If you ever doubt what red lipstick can do for a woman, head in Gwen’s direction. She just posted this photo on her Twitter, with the caption: “bump it #allblack #inappropriateshoes #capturethemoment #miracle gx.”


Olivia Wilde is a little newer on the chic pregnancy scene as she is just starting to show that belly, but dang she looks good. She stepped out on the Golden Globe’s red carpet in a modest yet skintight Gucci dress. Okay, maybe her baby bump is about the size of some of our after dinner bumps, but she owning it and looks comfortable which is the key. Pregnant or not if you like a look, go for it. Don’t worry about outdated tactics like filling your closet with mumu’s from day one. You don’t have to hide that tiny miracle!


Rachel Zoe is another person who doesn’t stray from fashion no matter how pregnant she gets. Zoe just gave birth to her second child, but even at nine months, the stylist was out and about in stiletto boots, furs, and designer handbags. Maybe don’t try stilettos unless you have someone to hold onto like Zoe does, but if you feel better dressed up pregnant than dressed down, no one should stop you. The point is, she would be wearing a fur jacket and sunglasses either way.

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