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Beaba Baby Cook

no babies about it, best present ever.

Ahh solid foods. That is where we are with my 5 month old son. Joy, panic, stress, angst, depression- all of these are emotions that I felt the day that his pediatrician suggested we start solids. My first thought, “No, he can’t be ready yet! He is just a wee little peanut!” This was mostly because I was terrified of the unknown and what to do. It literally took me a week of research and wrapping my head around the fact that yes, I do have to eventually feed my kid food. I stressed about amounts, what to start with, mixing etc. Dude, it’s not brain surgery! Feed him one food at a time and see if there are reactions and move onto the next.

I decided to start with yams because that was what was suggested.  I bought Sprout organic pouches which went well. I fed him the recommended amount and he loved them. When I was done my husband kindly asked why I didn’t make my own food. I replied because that is a pain in the A%%. WRONG! I have the Beaba Baby Cook! I had honestly forgotten that I had received this as a baby gift. This little machine is a steamer, blender, defroster, reheater all in one. BEST. INVENTION. EVER.

I cannot even stress how much I love this appliance.  First of all, it is a nice shade of lime green that isn’t an eyesore on your counter.  It is smaller than your average Cuisinart, which is even better. This morning I was able to make two batches of butternut squash in 3o minutes. It would take me that long to get regular water boiling to then put it in the blender and get it going. No thank you.

Another product of the Beaba line that I really love are their food storage containers. I purchased one of their “multi-portions” and I cannot wait to get more. While a tad pricey ($25), they are worth it. The container is made of silicone so popping out a frozen portion is no trouble at all.

I feel much better about what I am feeding my son knowing that I am making it myself. The only time I won’t use this is when we are traveling and can’t.

The Beaba Baby Cook retails for $119, click HERE to find out where you can purchase yours.–Jessica Brown

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