When in Doubt: Single Varietal Florals

Tulips on flowerbed

If you’re looking to be the architect of your own floral arrangements, word to the wise: stick to a single varietal arrangement, complimented by textured greens and branches if desired.

Often called the Superman of flowers, tulips are ideal for such an arrangement. We prefer white tulips (and don’t believe they require the addition of any extra flora or fauna). White tulips really add a beautiful touch to any bedroom, bathroom, or dining room table.  However, tulips come in so many colors and cultivars (like the more exotic “furry” tulip above) that you really have your pick of the meadow.

All you need to create a simple, but sophisticated arrangement is the following:

Liquid Bleach* (or if you are opposed to bleach, try putting a penny** in the bottom of the vase to keep flowers fresh in a more natural way)


1. When in season tulips should cost you about ten dollars a bunch. Look to your local Farmer’s Market (or even Trader Joe’s, which typically has a large supply of tulips for under the ten dollar range) and try and pick out bulbs that are still closed. That way you arrangement will bloom over the week.

2. Fill a vase 1/3 of the way with room temperature water, then add a splash of liquid bleach, which helps to keep the flowers fresh.

3. Hold each stem next to the vase to measure where to cut according to your preference. Always cut at a 45 degree angle, which helps ensure that the stem is absorbing the maximum amount of water.

4. To extend the life of your flowers, change the water regularly, and re-cut the stems as they grow mushy on the bottoms. You may have to swap vases if the length is no longer to your liking. Store them in a cool place at night and they will last even longer.

*Bleach is shown to slow fungi and bacteria growth.

**Copper is naturally anti-fungal.

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