Valentine's Day for Any Relationship

valentinesdayNo matter what you think of Valentine’s Day it’s sort of hard to escape. The greeting card companies and the retailers make sure of it! Here’s how to deal without succumbing to any unnecessary pressures and maybe even enjoying the day…within any relationship status.

For the Singles

The perpetual singles might have a different Valentine’s Day experience than the newly singles, but either way you’re unattached and that’s fine, obviously. If you feel inclined to skip over the day entirely it might work best to get totally unplugged from your social media. Nothing can bring on the breakup tears like watching your friends get gifts and flowers from their amazing boyfriends all day. Make the day about you…you probably deserve a solo lounge session anyway. If you are the breed of single that is looking to mingle, hit the local watering holes with some friends and hang out with all the other wonderful single people in town.

The Newly Dating

The last thing a brand new relationship (or sort-of relationship) needs is outside pressure about romance, but alas the holiday calendar doesn’t shift for individual convenience. If the two of you have discussed doing something on the day, you might want to come to a consensus about whether a gift exchange is in order so you don’t show up empty handed to his elaborate surprise or vice versa. (Because that would be more awkward than just communicating in the first place.) If the relationship is so new that one or both of you are trying to pretend like Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist at all, it falls on a Friday this year so you can easily make plans with the girls if need be. If you are going all out for the holiday, the extra romance in the air might be just what you need to take your relationship to the next level.

The Long Term Love

With multiple Valentine’s Days under your belt the dinner and gift giving might get a little redundant, but you can also approach the day with a simple reminder to honor your relationship. In the hustle and bustle of the every day life we’re not always moved to express our gratitude to loved ones (and sometimes we don’t feel like we love them much at all) but with the romance emphasis on Valentine’s Day you’re free to speak sappy thoughts from the heart. Do something together that you’ve never done before, or try a new restaurant. A hike followed by takeout and a movie marathon can be just as romantic as a swanky dinner if you’re enjoying the company of the one you’re with. Just maybe light a candle of two.

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